What objects have entered your helmet?


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Just wondering if anyone has any good tells about things in their helmets that they did not want there...
I have the Shoei Busa hlemet to match my bike...And of course I only use it to represent to the fullest...Well anyway I store it in my shed...Had it in the box and the cloth helmet protector...Pulled it out one day to ride...It had been rather cold...We rode out about 30 miles stopped at a store and decided to return to the house...As we were pulling off I felt something biting my head...I stopped on the lot and saw several of the big black ants inside...Got off the bike and got those out...Thought that they had gotten in the helmet from the location I had placed the helmet while we stopped...Well the more I shook the helmet the more the ants fell out...I had to go in the store and use and insect killer...The ants had set up a colony in my helmet...I ended up soaking the helmet in insect spray and sealing it is an air tight plastic bag...And I'll store all my helmets in the house from now on...
Had the shield of my ARAI helmet cracked open, riding down the highway and got hit by a yellow jacket just below my left eye.  By the time I got home my eye was swelled shut.  I was wearing sun glasses at the time.  I looked like someone beat the #@$* out of me.
When I had my first dirt bike I used a open face helmet. One day riding down my dirt road I had a bee fly into my left ear pocket. I stopped the bike and pulled off my helmet as fast as I could and didn't get stung. I don't think I even released the chin strap. Other than that I have just had some nasty stuff cover the visor like big bugs that just about cover the whole lens.
Had a bee fly in mine once! Got stopped and got him out before he stung me.

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Gnats! I got one of those little tiny suckers in my eye (at only 10mph) and I had to stop, both eyes started watering and I couldn't see. Now I put the shield down at anything over 5 mph if I don't have sunglasses on.
Bees have to be the most popular I hate them in my shirt and jacket too If you leave it unzipped at the top cause its hot they seem to fly right in
I was visiting someone..put my helmet on the ground.....
couple hours later..slipped it on yeeeeeeooooowwwwww.
RED ANT....man did that burn for along time. And Bee's have gotten me several times...neck,cheek,temple.
Went into shock once....spent the night in the hospital...stung me in the divot thing in the middle of my chest
Faski, You allergic?

One day at 120 mph I began to notice something climbing up the inside of my shield .... WASP! Some how got the busa stopped and helmet off in about 10 sec without being stung. Whew!

2 other times however bee hit my jacket in the chest at maybe 60 mph, stunned but fell to my thigh and stung me before falling off.
Yep, allergic to Bee's..been taking shots ever since the Russians shot down flight 007 Korean 747..I saw it on the news in the hospital the next morning.Unbelievable!!
Ps..you aren't gonna ride your bike home are you??
Ah..yea..no skin showing anywhere....
this doesn't count for 'in the helmet' but once passing a dump truck going the opposite direction, 65mph for me, and 55 for the truck, opposite directions, wearing tank-top/muscle shirt, someb!tch rock fell off the truck and hit my left bicep!

we got alot of dump trucks and logging trucks out here. when following a log truck, keep big distance, cus a big piece of bark can fly off that thing at any time.
Thanks Cache..ouch...
My friends wife had a bowling ball sized rock fall off a truck,
went right through the winshield..landed in the passenger seat. She had to swerve left........
I have been hit with a stone that would have went through my head, if I did not have the helmet on. The helmet was cracked.

The strangest was stopping at a stop sign years ago. I hit a swarm of bees. One bee went in my helmet and stung me in the ear, another stung me in the balls. Ouch man that hurt. Good thing that I am not allergic to bee stings.