What Exhaust!

Well I would like to start off by saying hi! Im new to the board! Anyways.. I just bought my 2001 busa and I am in the market for an exhaust system! I have been looking at the HMF dual high mounts and they look like a nice setup! Are these any good or can you recommend better! I like the high mount design and kind of want to stick with that! I do work for parts unlimited so i can get deals on pretty much all the exhausts systems! except my favorite HMF... And feed back would be great! thanks! :type:
I started with a Yosh on mine and switched it yesterday for a Hindle race setup. What a difference it made. The bike really came to life. Not to mention that the Hindle weighs less than one third of the stock setup.
Also please note the exhaust tone with what pipe you use! How does the hindle sound and rate! I always thought hindle were cheap... but i know they are one of the lightest
So you are talking about getting a full exhaust system.  

The HMF full systems seem to be well regarded by those that have them.  However, the pipe bends aren't the same as the Suzuki headers, so your plastic will melt in some spots.  They are loud (not as loud as drag racing pipes) and they can produce good power gains with the right map.

I had a Two Bros Racing 4-2 full system.  As with the HMF, it will melt plastics.  I also found it impossible to get the two cans in back to line up perfectly.  There were power gains on the top end.  Definitely loud.  I'd say louder than most single can systems.

Akropovic and Yoshimura both make highly regarded single sided full systems.  I have heard that they fit perfectly, as though Suzuki had drawn up the specs.  These can have good power gains and huge weight reductions.  The guys who have them like the sound.  I've heard the phrase, "Sounds great, but not too loud."

D&D and Muzzy's also make full systems for the Busa.  I don't know about the fit and finish.  I've heard they are among the loundest systems you can get.  Both companies claims huge power gains.
The Yosh was a little too quiet for my taste, but the fit/finish is excellent. No touching the body anywhere. The Hindle is a cheaper pipe, but looks good and sounds very good. Will be redoing my dyno run and see what the increase is with the Hindle and another custom map. It was a tight fit but removing the rediator made the job much easier.

That is one fine looking Busa.

Flcn72 - I have the Akra Race full system in stainless. It is really nice and is in the middle of the range for noise when you light it up. Idle is pretty tame for noise. Fit is excellent except for the radiator clearance. As you know, the oil radiator hangs from the bottom of the coolant radiator. Well the bracket that holds the bottom of the coolant radiator forward is not long enough to provide clearance of the new pipes. They are about 1/2" more forward due to the bend radius of the larger header tubes. The simple fix is to go to the hardware store and buy steel tube standoffs about 3/4"-1" long and big enough in diameter to accomodate the 2 bolts that bolt that radiator bracket to the block. The 2 bolts will have to be replaced with longer ones than stock by the additional length of the stand offs. You just sandwich the standoffs between the block and the bracket with the bolts runing thru the standoffs. I used locktite and have had no problems at all. The bottom standoff bracket under the oil radiator does not need to change position. You also do not have to modify any cowls around the radiators to do this mod. wheel clearance is fine for stock height bikes and probably lowered ones too.
Yeah I decided hindle! My cost on them is a steal! Also I want to get the hi mount! is that a high mount in the picture? Now I am going to get the power commandor! Can i get by without that mod box ? or is there another way to do it?
Yep, that is the high mount. I have a custom bracket in place of the rear pegs since I have no rear seat. No box mod done on mine yet but I do have the PC2 and custom map. Good choice on the pipe :D
Thats erie... thats the same color and year as my bike... and the same exhaust! well now i know it will look good! what do others think? Also how does it run without the box mod
The only place its been seen is on here, raining every day and its only been on for 2-3 days. Good comments from the neighbor riders though. It s almost as light as titanium with the thin wall head pipes and seems to make good power. Will dyno it again next week and post the results.
I thought you said HIGH pipe???
This is a HIGH pipe!!!!!
and yes you can run your stock passenger pegs and brackets with either the single or dual
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Yep, that is the high mount. I have a custom bracket in place of the rear pegs since I have no rear seat. No box mod done on mine yet but I do have the PC2 and custom map. Good choice on the pipe :D
what mods do you have on your busa im putting a hindle o my 01 next week and im looking for a good map let me know thanks
Not many speed mods yet, just the pair mod and a K&N, PC2 and the Hindle. PM me if you want to play with the map I had done. So far the mods have been visual, polished frame, wheels, swingarm, carbon fiber tank, Sharkskin 1 piece tail.
JC, on that high mount, where does the hanger go? I don't see where you have the attachment to keep the can stable.