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Devil Dog

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If I purchase the HMF hi mount dual exhaust or the Ti Force hi mount.....Do I have to modify the rear turn signals?  It looks like the turn signals must be removed in order to facilitate the hi mounts!  Is this a correct assumption? if I go w/ hi mounts......what options do I have for safe turn signals?  I've seen a lot of undertail kits w/ really poorly designed brake lights and turn signals.  I gotta ride on a military installation and the regulations are strict and enforced.

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I believe the clear alternatives rear clear with intergrator is DOT approved at this time.

What all needs to be replaced w/ that setup? Obviously the entire one piece undertail, right?
My undertail is stock, just trimmed a bit!

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You just cut the black fender off. How much of it you cut off depends on your tastes. NJ cut all of his off. To do this will also cut off your blinkers, but if you are going with hmf high mounts you may as well do the same. I used a dremmel with cut off wheel to do mine, very easy mod. Then sand using rough paper and finish off with some fine grit.
OK....I got it now......I really like the HMF dual hi mounts. I hope I like it when I see and hear them.