Relocating Tags


Just finished my High mount Dual HMF exhaust system and indertail mod. I don't want to ruin the look, so I want to relocate the licence plate.

Has anyone here got a ticket for having it mounted verticaly? Or not having a licence plate light?

Go toour state police, they regulate what goes on thr roads. I did it here in Texas (DPS). They seemed quite surprised I came in and asked, but were very helpfull. And the few times the city cops stopped me a short sentence " I have already spoke to the DPS and this is OK" took care of the situation. Good luck.
yeah, I just actually asked the NC DOT and they said they should be horizontal, havent asked the SHP or locals, but plan on it.:cool:
I asked the Chief Deputy in my area and he said "yeah, it's illegal, but I wouldn't take the time to stop you for it..."

I've had mine illegally mounted for over 2 years problems...

It's roulette I guess...I'm sure someone will bust me one day, but 'til then...
I'm just risking it. I'll go until I get stopped. I need to get a light down there though. I have it on the swing arm without lights so I am just waiting till they pull me over for that. It is also angled down a little too but so far, couple months into it no problems. I have been followed by a few police during the day and they don't stop me. Haven't been in front of one at night yet but I usually avoid that when I can anyway.
i have mine on the swingarm vertically..... havent asked FHP or NE1 yet, but people i know have had them removed. i have cops behind me all the time i catch no "feces" for it, and i dont even have a tag light.....oh well no sweat off my A HOLE!
I got a ticket in Fl for having it vertical on a swing arm bracket. I don't think the cop would have pulled me over for the tag itself, but I took a left hand turn through an intersection, VERY aggressively. I htink he just got me for whatever he could. Most states have regs about the plate being horizontal at the rear of the bike with a light and must be visible from 50 - 100 ft behind.
After my fix it ticket, I figured it would be better just to move my Tag again...... But a agree with the above posts, I don't think a cop would pull you over for that alone.....
2 yrs of having it vertical mounted on the passenger peg mount and no ticket
no light or reflector on it either
each state has their own rules on this..and they're all on the web.
FL just states that it has to be readable from 100ft...makes no mention of orientation.
One of the reasons most police won't hassle you (mostly applies to harley owners) is that it gives them P.C. to pull you over when a more appropriate time presents itself.

here is one that is an excellent solution.
Called FL. HWP. and they said it would be fine.Mine has been vert. for and know problems.also gone to the Gap in N.C. and had a city cop one day and a HWP right on my fanny neither of them pulled me over either.