What are you buying yourself for Xmas...


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I can't start my list yet got to go back to work...

So have at it...
Actually, It'll be an "after Christmas" gift, but, another BUSA!
If I can find some money under the tree I have a list of engine parts for the Firebird. I am building a 400 and would like to get 400-500hp.
a Hayabusa model to put together with all the extra time I DON'T have,
new cel phone,
luggage bags for rides.
Blow off valve and a high moving Fuel rail.  Also install of my AquaMist system in Jan..

Still have one son in College, thank got 2 are out.


A pair of ICON TIMAX gloves...

ICON jeans blue and black...

Clear lens front and back...

And I'll be cool with Santa...:;):
A Blue/Black Shoei Hayabusa helmet is all ready sitting under the tree. I got it from Oneida suzuki off of Ebay for 309$. Pretty decent price
1. BDE exhaust and PC3R
2. Throttle meisters - sent off to be candi chromed red
3. Pocket computer with accessories - GPS adapter
4. Chatterbox GRMS X1
5. Helmet - Shoei X-11 or Arai Signet
6. Oxford hump back tail pack.

The list just goes on and on.....


Hmm picked up my 02 in October

Full D&D system
DB Clear screen
Joe Rocket Speedmaster gloves
FSD undertail

Just to list some of the items I bought for myself
I'm not sure it's gonna be a christmas thing.. but I'm looking into buying a new helmet shortly.

I reeeeeally like the Shoei rf9 chimera in blue. Very cool with the little dragon thing on the side. but not totally out of control like some of the other rf9 graphic helmets.
That is the Pryamid plastic DB, and I think I got it from Carbotex. I have the dark smoke but you cant see through it....might try a bit lighter.

carbotex website

Just click on pyramid plastic on the home page there.

And I'm not getting jack....my wife said I spent too much money this year......I really want a full leather Joe rocket jacket though(the new Hayden one to match my helmet).....maybe when I get my tax returns.

You'll love the Joe Rocket...I got mine but I went with solid black...I have a leather in the closet that I can't drop off for a benjamin but it matches a kaw...So I bought black which goes with anything cause you never know what "STUNNAH" might do...:;):