Vir - nesba


I live about 20 minutes from VIR and was wondering if anyone is goin there this weekend for the NESBA event? I'm making an attempt to learn a little more about the ins and outs of racing there - thinkin' about maybe putting a car on it and possibly a bike trackday event on the busa. Anyone goin?
I'd love to ride VIR, but it's just too dam far away for me

I've seen videos of VIR, and it looks like an awesome track
Yeah, it's sweet. This past Saturday the BMW car club had a track school-full course + patriot = 4.2 miles!! That's cool!!
I am on the wait list for VIR this weekend. I dont know if I will get in or not. If I do I will post up.....

I know I will make a VIR date later in the year.
I have plans to be there this summer for the races...used to be called the suzuki lightning fest..not sure now.