Update on my eye.


Sorry guys it's been all doom and gloom today, they say it comes in threes.

I put a post up a while about wearing a visor, and about something hitting me in the eye while I was on the bike.

Well I went to the minor injury's clinic to have it checked out, and my eye had abrasions on it, so they gave me some cream, and said come back in a week if it didn't get better, it was still playing me up a week later, so I went back and it still had abrasions on it, so the nurse said people were complaining about it being hard to get the cream in their eyes, so she gave me the same stuff in liquid form, and said if it doesn't clear up she would send me to a eye consultant.

I thought I would give it a longer chance to work, but it was still playing me up, so last Thursday I went back, and a different nurse saw me, she said she couldn't see anything, and said get some lubricating stuff from the chemists, as eye injury's can take a while to heal properly.
She also said get the eye checked out by a optician.
As luck would have it I had an eye test booked for yesterday.

So the optician called me in and I told him all about it, man he got angry with the nurses, and said I should have been sent to the hospital straight away, he asked if they had looked at my eye under a proper magnifier, I said no only a magnifying glass.
He said because as I have Diabetes, you really have to look after your eyes, another reason I should have been sent to the hospital straight away.

Well he checked my eye out and said I have small bits of metal in my Cornea.

So I've got to go to my doctor to get a appointment for the eye consultant.
I blame myself really as I didn't get it checked out straight away, I thought it would heal up by itself.

I can't imagine what hit me, metal bits in my eye seems strange. It hasn't affected my vision.
So remember everyone wear eye protection at all times while riding.


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small metal bits from the road is easy to happen. All the brake dust cars rusting etc. Lots of dust thrown up by cars and trucks.