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I have an 05 LE with 10000 miles,put the ebc pads on all around awhile ago,(pins and slides lubed)I was doing a service on the rear brake and noticed uneven wear,ie; pads are tapered front to back,1/8" any ideas,great site

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I dont have a busa so Im not sure how the rear calipers are set up. I assume they are the dual piston type. It could be a couple of things.

1. The guide pins or bolts could be hung up not allowing that side of the caliper to float and causing the pad to ride against the rotor causing uneven wear. If they were worn it could also cause this issue.

2. One of the pistons could be hanging up. If its just on the front then Id say that the front piston is not retracting enough to allow the pad to back off the rotor. Each time you hit the rear brake you are moving them in even further and causing more wear.

Thats really the only things that would cause uneven wear other than a warped rotor but that wouldnt be very likely because the pads would likely be wavy instead of just the front worn down more.

I would get another set of pads and take the calipers apart and clean them out really well. Hone the cylinders the pistons are in and get that really clean then use some good high heat synthetic caliper lube and coat the piston as you put it back into the bore. Ordering new caliper hardware and even the dustboots for the pistons would be a good idea also. Most auto parts stores sell stuff called "Brake Lube" or Brake Quiet" its just a grease you put on any part of the brakes where metal touches metal. Also on the guide pins and bolts.

Im not sure about the motorcycle calipers but most automotive dual piston ones have just an open chamber behind them that pushes the piston. If it has some kind of plumbing in there that goes from the fluid hose to the individual pistons inside the caliper its possible that soemthing in there is blocked up and only the front piston is getting pressure from braking that could possibly cause the front of the pads to wear down more than the back.

I havent worked on bikes much but Ive gone to technical school for bodywork and have worked at AutoZone for nearly 3 years now and Im taking the ASE parts cert next month. Ive rebuilt a ton of calipers and its a piece of cake just take them apart. Hone them out sand the piston with some really light grit sandpaper and get it all clean.

When you have your brakes apart you can never go wrong taking a good close look at your caliper. Its easier to fix it while you already have it apart than to take it back down later.

Hope some of this helps you



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You need to check the pins for binding. On the rear pads there is also a spring that clips to the underside of the pad and goes over the top of the pins. They are a pain to get in sometimes, and if they are not installed right they may be binding and not let the pad release. Hope you find the problem.

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