New Rotors And Brake Pads


Towards the end of last summer my brakes started squealing and I know its been a long time since the pads have been replaced. I can't remember what brand I last used but I also think my rotors might be a little warped. I'm finally getting time to work on the bike as the weather begins to break here in Maryland. I was reading past threads and it seems everyone seems to like the EBC brake pads. I'm looking for an upgrade over stock but nothing extreme. What type of EBC brake pad or other brand would you recommend? I'm also looking for as quiet a pad as possible. I'm looking for front and rear pads.

Are there are good rotors out there that won't break the bank? I was looking at the Galfers but I just can't spring for $500+ for rotors right now.


As far as pads go the hh are great the extreme are better but don't last as long as they are for track use. Rotors are the great debate, I am running china rotors from eBay and have not had any issues.


A simple look @ your OEM rotors for minimum thickness , and run out . If they pass both then you can reuse them . I have for years rotors that pass OEM book inspections have just removed them from the wheel , and place on a true flat surface . ( Glass / marble / granite ) taken a electric palm sander and lightly resurface
with 220 grit or if a cabinet bead blaster is available I blast the rotor ( not the carrier ) . New HH pads on ZRX's/ ZX11's / FJR1300's , and many others have returned to 1st class breaking . Dont forget to bleed/flush the brake master /calipers . Also make sure you clean your calipers well . Sticking pistons make for dragging breaks .

FYI you will need several cans of break clean to clean the rotors after your work