New front rotor and pads making a clicking noise

Hey all I got my new EBC rotor and HH pads on the front wheel and it looks pretty good. I've been breaking it in slowly with no hard braking yet but every time I use them they make the clicking noise. Anyone go through this? Will it go away? I hope so
Mine use to do it under hard braking. I have EBC rotors also not sure how old they are or if they are real. Research I read said the circle pins that hold the free floating rotors should spin and need cleaned and lubed. I couldn’t free mine but it stopped doing it. Come to think about it they stopped after my fork seals leaked all over them.
That's very interesting. My circle pins won't budge with my fingers but they do feel oily from the factory. I'll keep a watch on any movement but I'm thinking it would probably occur after the break in period...I'm thinking it might even take a full skidding stop before they would turn. Well the directions say light and intermittent light braking for 200 miles of urban use so I'm just hoping the noise fades away as they break in. More rain showers coming! Ahhhhhh I want to get out and ride

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