Trucks should come with a "Monster" option.......


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That first truck is nice but the wheels are WAY too narrow for those big azz tires.
Im surprised so many people here had strong opinions on "over doing it"... yet this is a Hayabusa page.... kinda funny if you really think about it....

I must say I love the truck ! I also love the slammed blue dodge lower on the page... hell I like all the pictures posted to be honest... I had a 00 Ram 4X4 sport with the short bed I always wanted to lift up.... but sadly once gas got to 3.50 a gallon I had to trade it in on the neon lol... worst trade ever !
Lifted trucks are for hillbillies.....I should say "overly lifted". A mild lift to serve a purpose is ok, but some people just like the "hey look at me, I have no brains" thing going on................It is a fine line.
Guess Im a hillbilly Didnt think that was possible in Florida though....:poke:

But I can trick ya when I pull up in my fancy clothes and my Acura...

I say dont knock it til ya try it. They are super fun to drive around town and thru the mud...hehe


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Ive always wanted a lifted f250 but this has to do for now. 6 in lift on 35s. If Fab-fours would make a front bumper to fit the newer chevy half tons I could jump up to 38s. :whistle::whistle:



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Yup...that long center section of the Heavy Duty will easily get hung up in places that the Jeep just cruises over.....not to mention, very little articulation suspension wise. Still a bad ass truck though. :beerchug:


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nice truck and I know of a few places in VA and OH that sell brand new trucks lifted that come with the full warrenty. I am sure there are some other places that I dont know of.
Nooooooooo kidding~!~ Nice truck~!~

Can you list a couple dealerships in VA that modify the trucks new~?~


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We have a Ford dealer in Columbia SC that offers a "Southern Comfort" custom package on the Super Duty trucks....they have Pro Comp lifts....look like 4 to 6" lifts, with 35" Mickey Thompsons/chrome rims and usually some kind of fade paint job. The F250's with this run for about $42K to $50K.

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