TRE is this ligitimate ?


Suzuki TRE (200MPH+) Mod, Release the Power!

Attention GSXR1000, GSXR750, TL1000, TL1000R & Hayabusa owners!

Many Large Bore Suzuki Motorcycles are restricted to a top speed of 186 mph (GSXR1000, Hayabusa). In addition, power and torque is restricted (by retarding the ignition timing) in first and second gears. The TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator) mod, fools the bikes ECU into thinking it is in a 'neutral gear', one that is not effected by the restrictions.

What does it do?

Basically, the bike is being restricted, held back in first, second and sixth gears. The module takes away this restriction which will make the throttle much crisper in in the first two gears as a result of all that extra torque you will now be getting to the rear wheel. In addition to making it so much easier to get up on the back wheel!

If you have ever got to 186mph you would know it is like you are hitting a brick wall. the bike just stops as it hits the 300KPH (186mph) limiter. This module takes that away. Therefore, if you have a standard bike you could hit maybe 190-192mph. if it has a power commander and full system, over 200+ IS Possible!

Unlike other TRE Mods, mine removes the top speed restrictor and I have made the unit switchable so the bike can be put back to standard for MOT's etc with the flick of a switch! This fucntion only applies on bike where a limiter is fitted of course, TL1000's & GSXR750's, will not be effected.

A worthwhile buy for the big Suzuki owner!

Pay by PayPal or NOCHEX info how on bottom of page!


This is an easy fit kit. Instruction and cable ties are supplied. The unit fits under the seat unit next to the ECU where it will be connected using the connectors provided. On-Line Email support is available at

I think everything is plain to see on this one, but if you have any questions, please Mail me! Remember,

Postage is for the UK Only.

I Will Email Each Purchaser to ensure they receive the correct unit for their bike!

Attention Overseas buyers! Europe and USA only £5.95 delivery!!!

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Why would you go through all that mess with wiring and stuff when you can just buy this TRE and plug it right in? Plus, if you ever have to get it serviced or warranted you can just un-plug it and they won't know the difference.

That may be a little cheaper but why go through all the hassle? Just plug and play with this!

It DOES WORK on the 03's!


Josh, does this effect the mileometer reading ?
It will cost $140.00 to send to the UK using UPS. Is there a cheaper method of posting to the uk from the USA and if so I will send you a cheque to obtain and post one on to me.

I know there is some level of trust here etc so if you can assist please e-mail me.


Sounds good, just let me know if you need anything else! Don't be taking it easy on O'l Girl either, get out there and open her up and get those cob webs out. :)

What did you end up paying for the Ivan's TRE in the UK? Got a link, shop phone # or something in case anyone else over there is looking for one?

Have fun and be safe!

Josh :cool: