Too Much?


I've been racing Stangs @ local tracks for some time now...bikes struck my interest a coupla years ago so I picked up a GSXR 750 last spring and had a blast over the summer..nearly killing myself a few times of course, but still...great fun nevertheless!  Friend @ work is selling his 01 Busa and I'm extrememly tempted to pick it up for a good price...I rode it a few times and it's a whole different world on that bike, but I"m just wondering if it would make a good second bike?? Only been riding for 1 year now and as comfy as I feel..the Busa scared the crapp outta me...I LOVED it!  Should I hold off though maybe and step up to a 1000 first??  Or is life reaaaly too short and no time to be wasted? =)
Anyone else had this dilemma...and survived it of course?

Thanks (great forums btw)
Being the Racer-type, you should already know the rules of being safe so I would recommend the Busa. It's a lot different than most bikes, and the satisfaction you get from it is unbelievable. Just my .02.

Welcome to the board, InnocentR. My first street bike was a CRB 600. I had for two years and then made the jump to the Busa. If you have been racing and riding a 750 you should be fine. Just take it easy for a while to get use to the busa.
I would say get it. I jumped from my 600 katana to the busa. I let my friend ride the busa (he has been riding for 15 years) and he said that he was ruined, he was suprised how well it took corners and he could not believe the throttle response and power. He thinks that he may get a busa now.
Welcome, I think the Busa is a good choice. But, this story often comes to mind when I think of purchasing a motorcycle.

So long as you live in my house, under my rules, it'll be over my dead body! NO MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy the Busa and enjoy life while your still young. Besides, Dad will get over it in due time.
Ask Mom first!
get the busa, its more comfy, faster top end, and has a gas guage and comfy seat and passenger butt bar. busa busa busa

Yea I am with the rest get the Busa.. As long as you respect it, She will treat you good disrespect her and she will tax that a$$ !! Welcome to the board...