Tobin seats

Thats your wife? Dayuuuuuum!  
She does look damn good... thanks!
thanks...these are absolutely on my list of "soon to be acquired"...however, the longer i hang around here on the board, the more mods i find that i just can't live without
- now it is just a waiting game until i can save up enough to get the next thing
Thanks to everyone who posted.

Shipped my seats out to Tobin yesterday and they should be in his hands tomorrow. Then I have a 2-3 day turnaround. I looked at a bunch of photos of the styles and colors that people have gone with. What I went with isn't unique by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm hoping it's gonna be kickass when it's done. And of course, pics when they arrive.

I had the seat done in Dull black with the thread matching the 05 Blue...
I love it...
However, after seeing it, I now wish I had gone with Silvet thread...


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