Question for those w/tobin seats Cant decide


I sent both my seats off to tobin for the drag cut. Tried a little something different with the foam. Ill let ya know how that works out before someone else tries it and it's a flop. Seperatly...

Im the type that would armor all/ STP the seat if it wouldnt get ya killed. I know I want the black thread which is a glossy look seeing bigdawgs, and pat detriech pics. I cant decide on the glossy seat vs the dull. Lobusa's seat is glossy but the purple glossy threads look great. Tobin thinks the dull seat looks better with the black threads. I cant decide. At the moment there isnt any pics available with a glossy seat other than lobusa's.

Any input would be appreciated. I know it's personal pref. But the seat wont be there until Monday so I have a moment to decide.

I keep leaning towards go glossy. If I dont like it I can cross that bridge later. We already know how the "dull" one looks from the pics. I like the idea of black on black. It's there but you really dont see it unless you catch it. My mirrors are the same way. emblem is beneath the paint.

Anyway input please?

Hey Icemann, I want one of those HID front lights.

Don't know if this helps you any, but on the second page of this thread is a purple and black Tobin seat, it looks like the gloss black, though you may have seen this already.
Ice, I think given the color of your bike I would go with the black on black. Just my opinion, but I think the dull dray would be too light. It would work, but I think the black on black would look sweet with your color scheme!