Throttle Response

Htown Busa

I have Voodoo shorty exhausts installed on my 2008. I love the growl they have on deceleration but sometimes they pop a little. Currently, I do not have a PCIII but I am in the process of getting one (in the mail). My question is, will the PCIII also increase the throttle response?
You may have to do the marble mod to keep it from backfiring or popping. From what I gather, most with this type of exhaust have to do this.
marble mod will help alot. The PCIII will allow you to tune the fuel delivery system so improved throttle response shoudl be one of the benefits. Of course this really applies if you get the bike tunned and not just load some foreign map.
I am going to try the PCIII first for the throttle response. If that doesn't do the trick, I am switching to the Brock's Alienhead. May do the marble mod this weekend since that will be a quick fix for the popping.

Thanks for the advise