Thinking about a new bike!


I am thinking about adding a bike to my collection. I am thinking about getting a GSXR 750, either a new 02 or 03. Do you guys know of any dealers that have really good prices? I am going to go to the place that I got the busa from and check them out. They of course have them for the list price. But I am going to go back to the same salesman and try to get the 03 750 for 8500, we will see.
Call Chapparrel in San Bernadino,Ca. they usually have some screaming deals. Also try Clawsons in fresno, Ca. ask for Jerry.
i found that i have gotten the best deals in small towns, typically the market is more depressed and a year old bike, even though new, can be bought for a grand or so less than the sticker price...