? about selling my bike


I have a 03 silver /grey busa with 337 miles on it. I am fixing to lose my job so i am going to have to sell it.I am going to include a matching helment and the front and rear bike stands.Also i have a 4 year transferable warranty from suzuki that goes with the bike.Could someone please tell me what price i could probable get for the bike? It is in showroom condition. Thanks
Just my two cents.......Sell the bike stand and helmet seperate on E-bay! Sell your new bike for $337 dollars less than you paid for it. Explain why your selling and you might not have to give up any money! Don't put any more miles on the bike and maybe you can work something out with the Dealer you purchased it from. Explain your situation and let them know if they take care of you now, you'll be back with friends when things turn around! Maybe try a consignment sale.................Hope this helps.
This is the second post of this type i ahve seen, its sad. But E-bay will probly be your best bet for selling the bike, I would be interested in the stands, how much would you sell them for?