Tampa/Florida area Hayabusa Club Question

My topic has nothing to do with my post, just an attention getter, LOL

Anyways, I was thinking about joining / starting a hayabusa club in Tampa or Florida. I have lots of experience with organization, and I think it would be fun. I'm new to the busa scene, so there might be one in existence already. Let me know if you know of a hayabusa club in Tampa or in Florida, if not, I'll leave a post after I get mine, and I'm going to start one. It wont be for florida only, all you animals can join!



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If you run from cops on a routine basis, you probably are in the wrong place. Most people here have learned that stopping makes much more sense; and many are in law enforcement.

Not trying to drive you away, but that is just the way it is.

LOL didnt I say that my topic has nothing to do with my post? It was joke silly, my post was about a busa club in florida / tampa. No sense of humor in here

I got the joke Mike but I thought your response to Thinker62 was even more funny than the topic.
Count me in for a Busa club if you decide to do it! I am only 6 hrs. north of you.


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Call me a 'party-pooper' if you like, but if you wish to be taken seriously and wish to receive serious answers, you need to ask serious questions. With that note, you will actually get a much better response if you title topics to match their content.

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