Taiwan sportbiker vids


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Not sure if anybody here has seen this video series or not... but here it is.

This American living in Taiwan makes a lot of informative motorcycle riding videos and actually talks while he's riding... giving tips for new riders, tells stories, and acts as a tour guide through Taiwan. The videos are pretty entertaining. The rider isn't a squid and is pretty intelligent. Check them out.

Canadian... American... you get the picture lol!

I've been watching more and more of the vids... pretty funny stuff.
I can't believe nobody has been watching some of this guy's vids. Seeing the hundreds upon hundreds of bikes and scooters in Taiwan is hilarious... and seeing so many of them break about every traffic law known to man!

The best vids are of him riding around the city and in the mountains...
There are so many so I'm sure some suck... but once you find the good ones, you'll be hooked watching many more. I was. Or maybe I was just "that" bored...