Tail Fairing Fastener Reduction?


I recently forgot to hook up my hump lock cable and had to reach in from behind the seat and flip the latch with my finger. OMG do I ever NOT want to go through that again! Also, Always looking for ways to shed a few ounces from the bikes. So I'm thinking if I take off all the bolts under the hump and just go with the Frankenstien bolts and the bolts near the front points of the tail + the pushpins under the the tail that should be fine? You need to have the rubber cushions in place at the front or the hump will not fit tight. I've test ridden a few miles and the tail seems to run just as good without the extra fasteners.

With a little effort, I might be able to slide the tail back without unlocking the hump if I ever forget to hook up the lock cable again. Also, shead 5 ounces.

Safe enough mod?


Man if you want some real weight savings, either don't sit on the bike, or pull the motor, and make it a Flintstone bike!
Looked at the license plate tonight and the point of the tail that was about 1/8 inch away was now just barely touching. I bent the bracket down a bit and it is fine. Apparently not having the bolts under the hump inplace allows the tail to slide back on the tupperware a tiny bit more. Seems to be a tiny bit on the loose side but I can't hear it rattle.

I may try some lightweight aluminum or plastic bolts but the advantage of weaseling into the trunk if the cable was not connected would not be had.
DO3 must not approve of this mod I havent seen a :thumbsup: or a :laugh:

Check your coolant over flow, if its over filled you could remove some and save an additonal 2-3oz. Remove the seat and sit on a small piece of foam would be major weight saving.
Light weight wheels!! No matter how many ounces or even a few pounds you save on the bike, you'll never save the weight of a set of wheels, CZ's, machesenni ect. They weigh a lot less and its all rotational, unsprung weight.
Yeah, I know. Full system, BST wheels all good. I have a set of Carrazzerias onmy 14 and if they improve handling as much as I hope, I will get BSTs for the busa some day. Even so, I will remove every single unneccesary part on the bike. I have not tallied up what the little parts like engine mats and heat insulation total on the 14 yet but a rough estimate tells me it is really worth the trouble if the parts are right in front of you after you remove fairings.

The mirrors weigh about 3 lbs for example. go with bar end mirror and mirror caps and no bar end weights.
there's more...

horn is about half a pound...I've just started to take stuff off but I'll post a thread showing the weighty that can be dropped from a busa by taking off non essential parts.

PAIR system is ~2 lbs.
there's more..

go with aluminum engine bolts sides and bottom and there's a couple pounds..

there's more...

there's more.
That stupid pair valve felt like it weighed 5lbs when I threw it across the garage after finally gettin it out from behind the header. :laugh:
i wonder if a long flathead screwdriver would of been easier to hit the latch. you must have some long digits to get that far back.:laugh:
^ i thought you went in from the front seat not the side. yeah, that had to hurt like hell I'm sure.
The post I made on that thread was no written very clearly. Actually, I did go in from under the front seat. I stood on the right side of the bike and reach my hand in a little more to the right too. The lock is to the right side of the bike just a bit. ....but every cm you can gain is a cm less you need to stick your arm in that little hole. It hurt.

I added a comment to clarify my post on that thread cuz we can't edit old posts.