System uptime...


Dis in my way!
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I was reading an article a few minutes ago on CNN and they were bragging that "And the system's "uptime," a measure of system stability, is consistently surpassing 90%." speaking about the Federal Insurance website...

If you don't have 5 nines all the way across the board you suck... Where are my IT / System admins that can tell you what happens with less than 99.999 % uptime in a business?

Crazy poor performance..
Our process control systems couldn't be sold if they only met the 90% marker! Super Fail.
i really wouldn't like it if anything in my life only worked 90% of the time!!!
We would lead the world if you could apply that 90% to things like govt and how much they work.
What MORE do we need to realize that depending on the Government for ANYTHING is dangerous?