Street/Track Day Boots


I need some advice. I am looking for a new pair of boots that will mostly be used for street riding, but would also like them to good enough for an occasional track day. I am considering the Sidi Vertigo Air, Sidi Cobra Air, and the Alpinestars S-MX R boots. The main concern is the ability to walk around in them for everyday use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
i got a set of frank thomas that are pretty comfortable.
wore them all through the mall (shopping with the girlfriend) the day i bought them and no blisters or anything...
I'm wearing Dainese Quitos and love them. I teach MSF classes in them and I'm on my feet at the range 5-6 hours easily. I wore out the soles and had a local guy replace them. Not quite as nice as the originals, but I've tought 2 classes in them since.
I do have have another set for track days, but there is no way I would walk around in my track day boots for everyday use.

My street boots have also seen a couple of years of drag racing use. I had a set of Frank Thomas and they worked well. However they only lasted one season.

The Professor is absolutely right, the very nature of track boots is incompatable with "wearing around" type footware. I can wear my touring boots around for awhile but high performance track appropriate boots? Only to stop for a meal midway through the twisties or long ride, not for comfort or walking around when off the bike. I think it's just asking for too much of a compromise of use.
I have the Alpinestars S-MX 2 boots. They're shorter the the S-MX but still legal in all race least for dragracing anyway!!!
I have a like new pair of AlpineStars SMX posted in the classified section. Very comfortable. I don't know what size you are but these are a US 12.

How are thoes alpinestar boots sized? I've noticed that some other stuff That have is sized smaller than what they say.
I like my SIDI Vortice, They are very comfy to walk around in, They just take an extra minute to put on the first few times until you get use to it, And then they are a breeze.
I wear a pair of S-MX 4 boots for my 120 mile commute and walking around a bit. When I get to work, I change into a comfortable pair of shoes for the day though.

I wear the boots to hang out at some of the local bike nights, but would not want to be in them for hours on end walking around.