Any info on this Alpinestar boot model?


I found these on craigslist and they were in great shape so I bought them for $60 but can't ID the model. Any info would be appreciated.

I've never had a motorcycle boot before and thought I'd try them for a while to get my feet wet, so to speak, and be better able to decide what to get when I spend a few hundred dollars. I researched current boots and got mind-locked over what to buy, who to buy and how much to spend.

I'd been leaning toward Sidi Vertigo Air ($300) or Strada Air ($220) for a full boot, with planned occasional track days, or $250 Streetburner for a low-cut boot I'd be more likely to wear every ride.

Zipper is on the inside surface, with velcro flaps over it.

"3152" is the only thing that may be a model number.
Thanks. They go pretty well with the new blue/black Hein Gericke one-piece leather suit I just bought (again craigslist).

The boots have replaceable toe sliders and replaceable foot beds. And they're comfortable.

However, the metric 47 size odf these Alpinestar boots is more like US size 13 not 12.5 (as printed inside) or 12 as some charts show.
that's a nice price! they look like there in good condition and new it will probably run around $130 ish. unless you are a track junkie, i would opt for these instead of the higher end types. they have good support and will most likely get the job done if needed.
"smx-4 or smx-5" -- Thanks,

That's what I was guessing - probably just a style change because they are a couple years old. At least they are new enough so I can use the metal toe sliders.

The seller also has a two piece Alpinestar suit to sell, used only a couple times at Jennings. 'Said paid $600 but would sell for $300. He's about 5-10 and thin to avg size. His bike was a hopped-up SV1000. I would have liked to try that.