streched bikes?


Sorry for the newb question but why do people strech there bikes when they exted the rear tire farther out is what I'm asking. Does it make it ride better or is it strictly cosmetic.
it is leverage for some and looks for others...if you have enough power to carry the front wheel a + 4 or +6 is useful or it just looks nice...lacking performance in the corners...having the tire behind the tail looks cool....crazy wide or stretched is your own preference
love my bike. its 8" over and lowered a few inches. yes it rides better but corners are a little harder. i don't mind as i don't push my bike. i love the look of the tire being under the taillight. personal opinions
I think the busa just looks better long. I haven't noticed a huge difference in handling on the street so its worth it to me. Before and after.


all depend on what u want looks or performance but u lose when u stretch if dont have the extra horsepower to compensate to me one inch equal one horsepower
I'm stretched +6 and I did it for a bit of both. It looks cool on a busa and I can come out of the hole hot and not lift up the front end.

As far as LSR goes, some of the LSR guys I have talked to lately say stock wheelbase on a Busa is the way to go, for LSR that is. Drag racing, yes, stretch it. As far as looks, yes, it looks better with about a 4"-8" stretch, IMO.
on a Gen 2 its an absolute must imo to stretch it out at least a few inches. just doesnt look right. Gen 2's look stumpy otherwise.

if ur bike is makn a LOT of power its just silly NOT to stretch it unless you like watching the sky vs. whats in front of you every time u crack the throttle. a Busa is a tour bike by definition not a corner carver. its far more designed to be stretched and lowered and make big HP then it is for handling. stetchn a 600 would be silly cause it just doesnt make enough power for a drag race or street race application but the same surely cannot be said for a Busa.

it makes little sense imo to stretch it far unless its to help keep the bike down cause stretchn it out far robs u of hp. but some like the big wide rim/tire look which does absolutely nothn for me cause that makes you even slower but whatever floats ppl's boats...
I stretched my 06 here within the last 6 months. Yes it looks cool. handles just as well. I've never been into the corners so it really wasnt a loss for me. Bikes to heavy to try n toss around a corner that most of the 600's or liter bikes do with ease depending on the rider. At first I stetched it with extensions to 9" and went with a 200 tire. looks bad. but then decided i wanted to lose that bulky looking swing arm and purchased on online thru Kustom Cykle Designs in Mo. only thing i had to do was remove a link off my chain to bring tire in a tad for adjustment as it was all the way out. looks good, works good.. complete powdercoated and with bearings installed. just had to re use the bushings from stocker. has mount for stock brake bar but I used the brake bar that came with the extensions.. power to the rear wheel.. plenty. tho you might wear it out faster... or thats just me.. itchy throttle dont have pics posted.. try to get some later.. at work at the moment.. msg me and can text you pics o a cell phone in mean time if anyone wants..
i'm 8" over and lowered...i have no problem handling this on the street, strip or the dragon...:banana: