Stopped for the first time....


on the Busa today. Cop had me sit on my bike and as soon as he saw me he askedhow old I am (67) and why did I have a Hayabusa? I told him the same reason I bought all the rest- I love motorcycles. Said I hit 67 in a 40 zone. I got stopped for 5000 rpm! in second! No ticket, just a warning. The cops here(Florida) all ride. He was unmarked. Got new tires yesterday (Dunlop Streetsmarts) and it rides a ton better. Also had the oil changed to Amsoil and it has NO mechanical noise any longer. Great stuff! Love the bike but hate the heat on my legs. Think Ill try to contrive a shield so the hot air will bypass my legs. Boots will help(cmon, UPS).:laugh:
I got popped for 66 in a 40 at the dragon. I took a class, and got it thrown out. Only ticket I have ever had on a bike after 32 years of riding.

Glad they had mercy on ya.
I hope I am still sharp and nimble enough to ride a sport bike at 67. Good on you for having the balls to keep riding hard. I am 38 and ride with a 65 year old guy. He is an ex-racer and he kicks my butt in the turns on his big BMW. He takes 45mph cures at 90mph and tells me he has slowed way down from his younger years. It is amazing to see him rub a peg on that big Beemer.
Congrats on the let off, good to see you representing sport bikes in an adult way...
Hell I'm damn near that age and I got tagged the other day for "69 in a no parking zone"! :dunno:

I explained to the cop that I prefer "77". I get "Ate More"! :whistle:
I met a 67 year old Busa rider once. I was admiring his bike when I pulled in on mine. He came out of the restaurant at that time and said it was his. Asked if I wanted to go riding. Sure I said, thinking the poor guy was probably gonna need me to hold up for him a lot but happily was willing. I had had my bike about 3 months at that time.

It was he whom was pulling up for me. He never went under triple digits and he was the first guy to show me that these bikes and speed are made for each other. To this day, that man showed and taught me more about riding these bikes at high speeds than any other source I have yet to meet. He was magic on the Busa and amazed me at how smooth and fluid he was and what he could make these big girls do. Sweeping entrance ramps, never hit a brake and never slowed to anything much less than about 80. It was me who was playing catch up. So I NEVER will say old guys can't ride. I hope to be riding that well at that age.

Since then, I have learned to gravitate to older riders that have been riding for their whole lives. Hell now I am becoming one of them. If they are still riding and not dead, they obviously are doing something a lot more right than wrong.

Good on ya for not getting a ticket. That is rare from my dealings with Fla. LEO. Their policy seemed to be pull over first, find a violation second.
I'm 52 and the guys I ride with are 71 and 65 years old. Riding fast keeps you sharp as long as you have the skills to do so. They are wicked fast, ex dirt racers and know where it's safe to wick it up.
I,m 65,thought my 08 would be my last, but I want a Gen III, hope they hurry before I need training wheels.