Steering dampiner ...


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What exactly will one do? Will it reduce the risk of a tank slapper? If so, I think im gonna need one just in case

I have seen some on the net. But most sit atop the forts, is there one that will sit out of sight?
Look down low inside the fairing. The Busa has one.
I had to search for mine also...So don't feel alone...I was not aware when I made the purchase that the Busa was equipped with one...Until I read the owners manual...
Yeah, but the Busa steering damper is cheesy and really not great. I intend to go with an Ohlins once I decide which bike to keep...
Mikey, I recommend having one, you can get an aftermarket one that is adjustable. I saw a friend of mine go down on the freeway at 100 when he came down from a wheelie, tank slappers turned into fishtails and down he went. ZX11 with no dampener.
My 2c
Mikey lives in Florida(Land of straight roads) Your idea of a corner and his are a little different. I lived there for a long time. No way I would ride without one. Cheesy or not. Power wheelie out of turn 9 at Willow springs it earned its money.

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Just remove the damper, two bolts hold it to the frame and the triple-tree. On the bottom is a small torx nut. Remove it and, while upside-down, move the damper rod a number of times. 15W fluid is stock. You can use 30W, 40W, 50W. I am using 30W and have not heard anyone using more than 50W. Add the fluid the same way, moving the damper to get fluid in and the air bubbles out.

My stock one had lots of air in it, so it would work in a range and then skip.