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For those doing this, I'll throw a curveball. Few years back I did Keto, but found like most have that once you stop you gain all if not more back. I tried something different a few years back and it works great and is delicious as well.

High protein. I know this sounds too easy, but seriously I had steak, chicken, and pretty much all meat. I ate all the steak and meat I wanted, and went from 220 to 180. Now I'm 6'0 almost 6'1 so 180 was way too small for me. But the key was it wasn't a diet so much as a change to the way I ate. The problem with diets are maintaining them. Changing the way you eat is easier. Going to a restaurant is easy. Hmmm some steak? Yes please. Instead of no, I can't have that, I have to have that plain, etc. High protein is easy, healthy, and maintainable. Granted I was working out heavy as well, but prior to this, I had done it without exercise and got down to 190.

Just throwing it out as another option. Look into it. It may be easier to maintain for some.


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Just be careful with too much protein on any diet, as too much really strains and can damage your kidneys.
I had always read this, and then over a year ago, my brother in law started going through this. 6' 3", active, in shape, works out, high protein diet with supplements...and kidneys functioning at 40%.
Thankfully, and suprisingly to the Dr.s', he has improved dramatically, and continues to.
I would agree that different things work for different people, and that we all need to be mindful and cautious with changes in our diets.


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I haven't watched this, but;
My opinion on the Adkins diet is that it may work for some, but it seems to put your body in a starved state, causing the body to lack alot of what it needs. Vs pushing a little further into ketosis, where dramatic and alot of positive change can happen.

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