starter wont engage and FI lighton / function related?


Hi All,
Had my 02 busa running today, went to take off from a light and it stalled. I feel like the engine kicked back a bit, and maybe made a bit of a noise.
When i tried to start it, no dice. I can hear the starter whining but not engaging.
Strange part is, I bump started the bike and it ran like crap. limped it home and the FI light came on.

planning to tear it down this weekend to have a look, but hoping someone can tell me if these two are related and if so the probable cause.
Thanks All.
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The 02 's had a problem with the cases breaking, under the starter cover, i suspect that is what may have happened here.
Remove the starter covers and insect the the cases where the dowels sit, the one towards the top back might be broken!