starter wont engage and FI light on (runs poorly); related?


Hi All,
Had my 02 busa running today, went to take off from a light and it stalled. I feel like the engine kicked back a bit, and maybe made a bit of a noise.
When i tried to start it, no dice. I can hear the starter whining but not engaging.
Strange part is, I bump started the bike and it ran like crap. limped it home and the FI light came on.

planning to tear it down this weekend to have a look, but hoping someone can tell me if these two are related and if so the probable cause.
Please dont tell me it jumped its timing!
Thanks All.
The starter part sounds like you blew the case when the engine kicked back They had problems with that in 02. If you have an FI light on then I would check the code and see what it says.