FI Light???

Big E

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Full yosh DUplex system
K&N air filter

The bike ran without the FI light for over 3 k miles with the above mods. THen one day the light came on and has stayed on for a couple thousand miles. Bike runs just like it did before the light came on. I tried taking the TRE out then fired up the bike. FI light still on. Put the TRE back on FI Light still on. Disconnected the PC3R. Hell the bike would not start without the PC. Had me going, man was I pissed
Reconnected the PC3R and the bike fired right back on, but the FI light still there. What could be causing this? And also why wouldnt the bike turn on with the PC3R disconnected? I hear the fuel pump.
Well I hate to say it but they call them idiot lights... Right? Why don't you take a small piece of electrical tape, cut it to fit and cover that there pesky lil light.

Or...Take it in and have the FI checked before you end up stranded or broken. The light is there to tell you something is wrong...Just a thought.
The self-diagnosis function of most every Suzuki is incorporated into the ECM. This function has two modes, “User modeâ€￾ and “Dealer modeâ€￾. The user can only be notified by the LCD (Display) panel and LED (FI light). To check the error of the individual FI system devices, the bike is needed to be placed into dealer mode is and you must use a special tool (or paper clip) to read the error. Info can be found here DMS tool
Special tool?!? What's so special about a paperclip?

Just find that connector in your tail section and jump the two wires. Read the code off the dash and look in the manual for the translation.
Sorry Narcissus, I meant you have to have the code once obtained deciphered.........
I get an FI light when I have the PC3R set to rich...When I lean it out the light goes off...But if you've had it on with no problems then I suggest you go with the other's advise...