Sprocket install?


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I would like to install the one-tooth smaller front sprocket my '01. The local shop told me it was a poor idea as it would bind the chain (put it at too steep of an angle). They also said not to do a sprocket without doing a chain and both sprockets at the same time. Also, they said I can not do this myself because of the massive torque needed... Is this stuff true?

Going down 1 in the front does add some strain to the chain because it creates a tighter radius for the chain to go around and adds stress to the rollers etc. Several friends of mine (including myself) have done it and it was fine. They just wear a little faster. I can't comment on mine because I am an exception..at 310lbs..hard excelleration and wheelies and HUGE amounts of extra stress to my chain at it has worn fast. Most friends get 8k+...I get 4-5k.

It is recommended that you change both sprockets at the same time. It's a wear issue..you don't want one to wearout while the other is 70% ok. You don't have to replace your sprockets at t he same time you do your chain UNLESS you sprockets are in bad shape. I had my chain replaced at 4000 miles because of excessive strech..but my sprockets were fine..now I have 8500 miles on my bike and my sprockets and my chain need to be replaced. If you are comfortable in doing it yourself and have done it before..I say do it yourself ...again HOWEVER...if you have never put on a chain..have a professional put it on. WR