Sportech Chrome Windshield


A few were wanting me to keep you posted on my Chrome whiendshield. Well as some said would happen it started to crack. They were little airline cracks all over it. But you could only see them when the sun shined on it just right. I called Sportech and the guy told me if I would send it back to them then he would sent me a new one. Hands down no questions asked.

Well it is leaving this morning so we will have to see what happens. Hopefully there will be a quick turn around. I'll keep ya posted.

Here is what it looked like before it started to crack.


Looks great on your bike...wonder if the material used is just prone to cracking? If so, a black shield would look good too...

Good luck with the replacement!
I don't know about this one but many aftermarket screens are made of Acrylic, which is much more brittle and prone to cracking than the Lexan ones. Also the acrylic screens will not be DOT approved.
Just my .02
Are your frame sliders the ones with carbon fiber inlay and aluminum ends? If so, where the frig do you get them? :super: I've been lookin' for some like what I described here and can't find them anywhere. Can't exactly tell by these pics but it looks like they might be what I want. Let me know, man.
My stock windshield is making lots of noises when road is not completely flat. Does this happen to you too? It's annoying...
now that I have put my old windshield on till I get a new one back it makes alot of noise. All you have to do is come up with something to stick around the bottom of the windshield where it goes into the bike. Something as simple as a little piece of paper folded up on the underside of the windshield would work.
Thanks Pimp. That's the ones I have been lookin' for. What size hole do you have to cut in the fairings to install them. It doesn't look like the whole diameter of the carbon fiber part goes into the fairing judging by yer small photo there. I'm guessing they bolt to the frame where the engine mounts? Did you install them yourself?
not sure, correct, yes, yes

The way I did it was take the fairing off and put some white grease on the end off the bolt that goes through the engine. Then put the fairing back on. Push on the fairing where the bolt is and then take it back off. There will be a white dot where the bolt is. On one of the fairings the foam is already cut out. On the other you will have to cut it. I then took a drimmal and went to town. I only made it big enough for the neck of the frame slider to go through. NOT THE WHOLE THING. I didn't like the way it looks with a big hole around it. The only thing you have to change to do it this way is to put a few washers on one side up under the fairing to bring it out some so it doesn't push the fairing to far in. The hole was real small at first and I kept putting it on and taking it off and putting it back on and taking it back off untill I was able to get the holes just right. I did n't want to put the hole in the wrong place and end up having to purchase both fairings because of a hole I made in it.

Just makin' sure I'm clear. They actually normally install deeper in the fairing but you done it this way to avoid the bigger holes, right? I think I'll order some tomorrow. Thanks again. :super:
One of them is all the way in. The other one is only at most 1/8 inch out. I haven't had to test them thank god but have stood on them before and there holding up good.

only when she's sittin still. I some times put my feet up there to stretch them out but haven't stood on them with the bike in motion.
How did yours fit mine was bad. It doesnt fit tight around the upper at all I could barely get it on the Busa.I am considering going back to the stock windscreen but I am sure I will never get my money back. I wish they fit more like the stock one.
It was a little hard to get in but once it was in I never had a problem with it. Now that you say that that might be why is was starting to crack. Maybe the pressure of it being bent just a little made it do that over time. Oh well....I just wont tell the company that. ;)