Some good levers


Hey guys, new to the site, but a long time Busa owner (bought the 2000 model in 2001, have had it for 12 years now). My bike was knocked over in a parking lot, and the clutch lever broke off as with some minor scratches. A few riders always mentioned upgrading the levers, and I rode a friends Honda 600rr and noticed he had the shorty Pazzo levers and they felt pretty snug. Anyone have any recommendations on the levers or good sites to get them? Keep in mind I also live in Canada

Pazzo shorties for the win...
Yep, get you a set of shorty pazzos from Pashnit, and he can have them engraved for you.

Thanks gents, I'll have to pick some up. Always felt that $170 or so was a little ridiculous for levers, but what do I know these days lol.