Best brand of levers?


I have Pazzo shorties on my 14. They are just a tad lighter than OEM. They work as good as OEM but they required a shot of silicone lube to the piston pin that seats in the clutch lever. It was sticking and actually became quite dangerous. Works smooth now and looks great.

That's Pazzo...prolly the most popular choice in aftermarket levers. Any other favs in levers? I need a new set and was hoping I might be convinced to try something new.


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ASV C5 shorties for me (good warranty, very adjustable, looks good, fits my small hands/short fingers). I would not call them THE BEST but they work BEST for me :)
ASV Inventions :: Unbreakable Levers
P.S. I crash-tested them on my old 08 and ASV's warranty lived up to their claim.


The ASVs are a possibility. I was one of the members to jump on the Chinazzo bandwagon a couple years back. Started a thread and participated in others. That is a very interesting topic. I decided to not use the Chinazzos I bought for my 14 because they fit very tight. I had to flex the piston over a bit to fit the lever pivot in the perch. I wasn't sure if the clutch would slip so I just spent the money and got Pazzos. I didn't want to bother with "what ifs." I'm not so sure the Pazzos werte a lot different. But still not willing to deal with the unknown....I'm sticking with a name brand.


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i kinda like the CRG roll a click lever, not bad prob comparable to the Pazzo i would think.

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Can't pass on that price! It's black Pazzos w black adjusters. I just need to think of something cool to inscribe on the lever. Talk to you soon Tim.


I have the Pazzos on my brake as I use a Brembo MC and they are almost the only company that has one. I use an off brand (Ebay) on the clutch side and it works flawlessly. I use CRG roll a clicks on my ZRX and they work great as well. On my 250 Ninja I went with another cheap off brand (Ebay) levers and they work great for an extremely low price.


^^^Sounds like you're saying any lever will work just fine!:laugh: That was my initial feeling when I bought the Chinazzos. I mean, really....the concept behind a lever is simple enough. It should be pretty easy to make one that works as good as the next. So it seems. I still can't let go of the trust I have for a name brand. Also, can't deny that on my zx-14 the OEM levers worked perfectly smooth with no maintenance whatsoever. I never even lubed the pins although that would have been even more of a plus. Aftermarket levers are for looks IMHO....or if you drop your bike like I did. I got shorties now so chances are they wont touch if the bike ever drops again.


Well not all aluminum is the same but so far with the off brand ones I haven't had any issues. I got shorties not thinking I would like them but after using them they are great for me.


Shorties are just fine for me as well. They are a tiny bit lighter. I like the look better but for a big bike like the busa, they come pretty close to looking too smal, IMO. Still I favor the shorty look over rhe longs. If you race, a very fine control of the clutch may better be had with a long. I slip the clutch a bit at times and the shorties have a sensitive enough feel for me.
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