ASV levers Shorty or Standard length?


Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has ASV levers on their Busa? I have a 2001 Busa and I was gearing towards the shorty levers in blue. I heard a couple of people say they get their brake lever in shorty and their clutch lever in standard. Any feedback on this topic would be highly appreciated.


I got shorty levers on my 04. I got some Lockhart Phillips Racing and no complaints. I didn't like the standard because they were too long and would bump my knuckle when squeezed in.


I run a shorty front brake and a standard length on the clutch side. Tried the shorty on the clutch and it just didn't feel right 4 sum reason so I switched it back.


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I love shortie levers, even on my trackbike. Easier to two finger brake and transition back to the throttle...


I am going to put shorties on both of mine. I find that I always feel more comfortable using two fingers on both levers.


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one more vote for ASV shorties here :) (perfect for my short/stubby fingers)

P.S. Call them directly and check if they have "blems" in stock and snag them for almost 50% off.


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On rare occasions long levers end up pinching fingers during a crash. I know more than one who are now missing a little finger and or the one next to it. You see a number of racers with missing or stiff little fingers. Nick Ienatsch has a bum little finger on his left hand & I believe Roger Hayden has a finger missing at the middle knuckle. My son also has a stiff little finger on his left hand. Lever guards help to avoid mutilated fingers that get caught under the lever.

However, if you never crash it's a non-issue!

A photo of my son's finger. His emergency room visit lasted 4 hours from arrival to departure and was $22K. A $75 lever guard would most likely have avoided this life changing event. His finger is now slightly bent and stiff from the first knuckle out.


I have never ridden a bike with a short clutch lever. I have large hands (XXL in Astars gloves), is there enough travel to pull the clutch in completely?


I wasn't sure I would like shorty levers but they really made riding aggressively fun. I have Pazzos on my Hayabusa and CRGs on my ZRX1200.


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Here I thought the entire time shorty levers were just another accessory for looks and what not. After that shot of that mangled pinky I may invest in a set this winter. Everybody crashes eventually. :whistle: