So?...How mad are you folks going to be...


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No try this on the ZX forums ;)
I don't know anyone on the ZX forums but I have a lot of friends here dating back 15 years or so and it's been my experience that "The Brand Zealot Thing" only exists on the internet where alter ego's seek the approval of other alter ego's when in the real world? motorcycle enthusiasts are usually happy to meet each other no matter what brand we happen to be riding at the moment especially when it's two top tier Hyper-Bikes like the mighty Busa and the ZX-14.

How does it compare to the busa?
It's actually to soon for me to make a comparo yet as I still haven't gotten to fully know the bike or even get it set up properly yet but I'm working on it and?...I also don't think it would be a very fair comparo as I only owned my '03 Gen1 "Oren-Ishii" where the comparo would be more fair comparing this '08 ZX14 too a Gen II Busa but at the end of the day?...speaking as a 60 year old post stroke diabetic with medical bills as high as my blood pressure? (LOL!)...I'm just happy to be on any big bore monster again be it a Gen I, Gen II, ZX-12, ZX-14 or whatever but the continued rivalry between Suzuki and Kawasaki is what brought us all these super performers to ride.

You didn't say what the deal was. Tease.

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$5K for this '08 w/ 12,525mi on the odo and unmolested (bar a set of Coffman shorty's on the exhaust) along with a freshly mounted set of Pirelli Diablo's.

Sure is great to hear from some of you folks again! :)


I would still like to own a 1440cc 2012+ , and could of at the the time I bought my 2012 Busa . The really only negative things that stuck out to me about the 14 , is the physical difficulty of working on the bike itself , and the other reasons that kept me on Suzuki is that Busa is better in this regard , and handles better than the 2012+ 14 . The 1440cc Kawasaki motor makes more power , about what you would expect a factory update 1440cc Busa motor to make .
The pre-1440cc zx14 was a nice powerful bike , but did not eclipse the Gen 2 Busa in power , as the 2012+ has . In Aussie bike market , you can get the pre-2012 zx14 for a good price , whereas the later 1440cc is holding its value and price .


I Love my Wife!
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Congrats! I had both for a while and now have an FJR and still hanging around. I have not given up on getting another busa though...
For transparency and truth in disclosure?...there were many bikes on my shopping shortlist including the FJR, Concourse, ST1300, and was even momentarily distracted a time or two by great prices on a 1 out of 300 BMW R1100S "Boxer Cup" and believe it or not?...a Moto Guzzi "Norge" (until I found out why it's price was so appealing...can you say "Hot Knees"? LOL!) and of course the bike I was really seeking was another Hayabusa of which I had two in negotiations that were both '05 models for $6K (but the owners were unwilling to take what I was offering) and I even test rode a 2009 M109 SE...what a beautiful but massive beast and not for me even with a scant 6,400 on the odo for $6,100.

So if anything?...I can tell you folks that the Busa seems to hold their price a bit better where I think they are more of a household name than the many numerical codes that followed the letters ZX-??

So with my limited funds? the end I found this '08 ZX14 with 12,525 on the odo a very appealing deal for my $5K and even though another Busa was first choice (as I'm so familiar with such) my financial limitations dictated that nothing in the ballpark was off my menu and I needed the best deal shopping used.

I'm changing the oil for my first time today and I gotta say it's a vey convenient arrangement but I also have to ask...does everyone wait until their oil looks like black ink before selling their bike? LOL! I think I caught this one in the nick of time. ;)

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