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Okay, since Big-T asked for it. Here is another can of worms. Or jar of Fetuses. Take your pic.
Seriously though..
Pro-Choice Vs Pro-Life
Why should people follow through with a pregnancy if they are not ready to be parents? Cum'on let's have another ten pager. I can just imagine all of the salivating and chompin at the bit.
Please, fellas that sent me auction items, do not propagate my mailing address. I wouldn't like to get a letter bomb and lose fingers because of it.
Oh and by the way, any posting of gory abortion by-product pictures, will not be tolerated. The mods will not have that sort of propaganda here.
Very touchy subject on so many levels...

At what point is a life a life?  The point of conception?  When there's a heartbeat?
Should a guy have a say?
What happens if Roe vs. Wade is ever overturned?  Will there be the seedy back alley clinics doing botch jobs and risking a woman's life?
Opinions on whether partial birth abortions are ethical and moral choices and should they fall within the confines of abortion available to women?

I've always been pro-choice; fortunate to never been in the position to make a decision myself, and after many years of infertility I can tell you that the toughest things in life when you want a baby is to know that so many opt to not keep the ones they have or opt to abort, BUT I think a woman needs that choice to remain a choice...

Having said that, I think that if there's a man that chooses to be involved, he's the father and he wants the baby, he should have a say in the matter...very tough call as to whether or not he should be able to make a woman carry a baby to term, but I can't dismiss his rights...

This thread should spiral downward fairly quickly, so let's keep it civil and absolutely NO PICS please...
Actually Projekt, With all do respect and Vabusa the same to you as well. I think it best that WE as a Motorcycle Board, decide that this is where the line is... When this gets UGLY it's going to be real ugly.

It's too hot, too controversial....

Too easy for this one to go Tango uniform too fast...

SO I'm going to go ahead and just lock it up, and ask that it not come back.
I think there is a line and this particular topic is one that just crosses it or WILL all to easily.

Not open for further replies.