Should Have Done This a While Ago


Comin' back stronger than ever!
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I have been a member of the group for about 3 weeks and have enjoyed and learned a great deal from all the discussion. I have been part of a few posts, so a couple of you know of me, but wanted to make it official. I have owned my 'Busa for about 3 months because I didn't feel comfortable with something this big when I bought my Katana 18 months ago.

I spent 10 months in Kuwait and Iraq over the last year which was difficult, interesting and fulfilling. I am in the army and fly helicopters and work on computers. I am at the point in my career where I won't be flying again, so the 'Busa gives me not only a replacement rush but a more exciting one. The sensation of speed is relative to your closeness to the ground, so I can't help but get excited.

Still don't have a lot of miles on either bike, so I'm taking my time and getting used to the bike. Haven't decided what mods to make first, but they will be coming soon. Especially with all the discussion on the board.

Thanks for all the information from the members and hopefully I will get to ride with you.

And yes, this is my baby!

Well Then, Here's an official welcome. As for where to start with the mods? That is really individual preferance. Though I recommend just sticking to the freebies to start. Remove them round reflectors, and the cluster of warning stickers...
Official welcome from me too.........Rev's got yer 6......remove the reflectors and decals.......then comes the money items.
Clear markers, modded or custom undertail, seat, levers, bar ends, grips, hugger, mirrors, windscreen, better rubber, maybe drop it if yer into that, pair mod, pipe, Power Commander, perf filter, yosh drop-in cams, wheels, turbo or NOS.......the list goes on :beerchug:
Thanks. Got the ZG windscreen and will probably do the clear markers, bar ends, grips and levers next. After that will probably be the undertail. Think I can wait on the power stuff for awhile.
Absolute hard to find, Shoda. Thanks for compliment on the ride. Mike D, I will get to AZ as soon as I get some time. I used to live there as a kid and wouldn't mind coming back.