Semi, you mid West folks need to keep your heads down


Dis in my way!
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Keep your eyes open and watching the weather folks... Thinking about you all today...

Alot of my family lives around washington in illinois. thus far i havent been able to contact any of them. Seems there is a lot of outages. I have multiple cousins living in and around the peoria area. Carzy times and even crazier weather.
yeah, it got a little interesting a few times around here this weekend...i ended up on a short notice trip out of town last week and got back home just in time to hunker down and make sure everything was secured before the worst of the storms and winds hit...thankfully, the worst missed me but i sure hope everyone else is ok, there is some pretty bad damage in places
Glad folks are checking in well, do we have any forum members affected that we know of?
I work for a REMC in Indiana and I just got home been out since sunday lot of poles snapped and lines down.. couple tornados were conformed some people wont be back on for a few more days