Semi and Ace made it to caps


Dis in my way!
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Well about 4pm Semi and Ace came rolling into the drive, Ace from Ohio and Semi from Illiniois.....

Where else can you find folks that will consistantly travel across the country just so we can all have a great weekend....

More coming in tomorrow,

Hotfoot from Missouri

Dan, Diane, Lavinrac, Pinky from Texas

Mynewride, Omslaw from Kansas

Macon and Princess from Arkansas......

and many more...

I love this place and the people that are here... I am honored to have you all coming to my house..

We grilled pork steaks, steaks and corn on the cob along with mashed taters and green beans... itsyasoldier came down and ate with us and hung out and talked for awhile too....

Getting ready for a long long day tomorrow....

:thumbsup: good times with the Okies.:beerchug:
alot of my family is from down there.:bounce: fun folks.
:rulez:you'll have to show them yankeys what real BBQ is all about. nothing better than good Oklahoma smokehouse BBQ:rulez:
hope everyone has a great weekend!

wish i could be there! :beerchug::beerchug:
Should be great times. Ace could use that shot o Yeager about now.
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Weather looks really nice. Y'all have a great time together. Enjoy the ride!
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Well I am walking out the door and heading your way Cap. see ya in a few hours I think.
My turn... Heading your way. Probably be about 6 hrs before I'm there.