We're headed home...


Dis in my way!
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We got a good night's sleep and we are hitting the road home.. We have about 14 hours from here to get home.. We are too tired to figure out the time zone thing again and we are not sure if it's a real 14 hours or if actual 13 hours because of the time.... WHATEVER!

We will keep folks updated.... I believe that most of the other members have made it home or to their detinations... Acehole and Semi left early this morning and should be home or at Eureka today.......

Thanks for the update, Douglas.

Drive safe...and thanks for representing.
Y'all have a safe trip home. Despite the sadness of the day it was good to see you and Kristie again.
Half a safe trip, and hopefully a nice and dry drive home!
Kevin and Randy made it to Randy's. Kev's gonna rest up before hitting the road the rest of the way back.
It was good to see you again. I hope you two have a safe trip back to OK.
Doug I appreciate everything you guys did. I meant to ask you about money for the flowers, but with everything going on I forgot. If you need anything please let me know. I also want to thank you for speaking at the funeral. I just couldn't do it.