Well here we go with the weather...

I'm glad everyone is safe. That's some scary stuff...
That is crazy Doug... I'm glad yall are okay... at least here we have days.. sometimes weeks to prepare for hurricanes... or to watch this wonderful oil spill creep towards are coastline.

If there is anything we can do... I'm out of school in 16 days. :cheerleader:
Wow, glad you guys are safe. We got some remnants of the storms, late last night and earlier this morning, but they were just loud and a little windy. Some wind damage in St Louis.
glad all the orgsters are ok down there, you guys had one heck of ride, i was watching video and live feed last night at the house, at one time they said they had like 5 on the ground and more forming, this morning they are saying at least 10 for sure touched down and they are checking the damage for more, amazing weather, all the cold air we had up here must have hit all that warm air you had down there and made the perfect situation....just glad everyone is ok...
They said at least 26 on the ground in Okla yesterday and maybe up to 34
bet those storm chasers where having a hay day down there chasing those things or running from them... is 26 a record number???
I'm glad that you guys all made it through okay. That's some wicked-scary stuff out there!
Im glad none of yall were hurt. Will be rolling through there next week and can help with some manual labor if needed