Well here we go with the weather...


Dis in my way!
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From our local weather station....

Severe weather and tornadoes are headed right for Oklahoma. The weather will head into the state between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Predictions say conditions will be conducive to large destructive tornadoes. The 4Warn Storm Team will have updates throughout the day to tell you when and where. Stay tuned to KFOR to keep you and your family safe.

Rick lives about 1/2 mile West of I-35

Uncle Steve lives about 8 miles from I-35

I live about 6 miles West of I-35

Guess where the storms are supposed to form? I-35

All our Ok folks please button things up, get your emergency rations ready.. remember it was May 3 1999 then the big one came through here with the same prediction. They are talking about baseball size hail...

It is definately windy, warm and super humid outside...

Prayers sent for all of you guys out there, Doug. Please be safe. Do you have access to a storm shelter?
I think I'll head home early tonight! I'd rather be at the house than stuck half way between work and there! I just hope I don't have to put the safe room to use!
you all be safe out there and take cover! please check in when you can. our thoughts are with you all.
You are all welcome to come stay with me in Springfield.
Take care cap I will be watching my weather.Prob wont be as bad but indiana just a few state 2 the east.Hope it dont hit hard out there.
Tornadoes already on the ground in the Northern part of the state.. Baseball size hail has already been experienced...

It looks like the storms are officially coming for us... They used the word EXPLODING super cells headed to OKC....

Safe rooms rated for F5 and storm cellar absolutely

Thats good be ready get in them.Im shure you know this most injurys ect come from flying debri.
batten down the hatches down there Doug and all other org members....sounds like your def in for it...stay safe...
Tornado on the ground, can't be any farther than a mile from Uncle Steve, I tried to get him on the phone, his wife on the phone and his home number but no answer... I bet he is in his hole or in his car chasing it....