see you around often for a man without a busa.......

just curious what you are riding now?? buildin a bike or what?
Still Busaless ;but I still have the feva if not more. Its gonna be a min before I'm back up run'n on two shoes again. I was planning on next Nov going Turbo but I might have to change that ideal cuz of my lack of wrist control. If I go with the boost I know I would get down on it (Turbo) everytime I swoop onto the freeway or raised up on some speed junkie like myself at a light in town that was eyeballn my shiat(I've seen my share of speeding tkts back in the day). Decision decision :super: I ask myself day to day should I just trick it out or get the boost hmmmmmmmmmmm??? Like a little kid with his face smashed up against the picture window outside the candy store I'll just have to wait patiently. On a serious note for now I just plan on concentrating on paying off my wife car and daughter college loan. I should be back on the Busa no l8t than 04 Nov whatever I choose to do.

Champagne taste with a kool aid budget :laugh:
with all the cool work you do...
you are here by urged to get a busa!
Boost it now, bling it later! :)
doing the right thing...... you have tasted the busa already, and now you can think about the next move. I'm sure it will be wild! thanks.
I couldnt ride a stock Busa ( no flava and would cramp a Pimpz style fo real).

I've tasted it alright and wuz hungry for more speed certainly short after so who know what a Playa will do when the time comes. I will share the delight with my Busa family when I'm finished with her fo sho.
Champagne taste with a kool aid budget :laugh:
LMAOROTF.......................... I think this best describes most of here at the site!
Shat...That's me...But I found out if you don't buy the kool aid you can at least get some wine...  :devil:
Yeah I can relate to this...Thats why all my mods thus far have been limited to what I can hack off my ride...

As for the wine...Maybe Mad Dog?
see you around often for a man without a busa.......