Reflective kanji in many colors


my platoon sgt. does a lil work on the side with graphics. he has black, red, white, and yellow reflective tape, and it looks darn good. he has it up to 15 inches wide. he can do any two colors together, and there cheap. any two for 30 bucks, thats shipped. just post if you want one, ill post a pic asap.


that is the black one, and you can see how much it reflects, and its alot bigger than the ones i have seen on here in the past.


ill get them as soon as he brings one in, its black on red, or whatever you want, just let me know.


he has just got the blue in too, so if you want them, just let ma know, and the price is down a bit too, now they are 20 and the two tone is 30. im getting a red and black made now so as soon as i get it on ill post a pic.


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Not to jack the thread, I'm just curious. You posted the above pics on June 4, 2006 and the pics are date stamped with June 6, 2006.

Now that's a neat trick!
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