Rear tire wear


Does anyone else have the same problem I do? I am only getting about 1800 miles out of my rear tire. Now I admit, I ride my bike pretty hard, I wheelie, launch hard, and top end run all the time, but I figured I could get more than 1800 miles per rear tire! what the hell!

Let me hear some tire suggestions that you guys have used

What kind of wear are you experiencing?
Is it in the middle or on the sides?
Is the tire developing a flat spot in the middle?

Check your air pressure regularly! That is the start. Also what kind of compounds are you running on your tires that will determine a lot. Hope this helps.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I just replaced my rear tire at 8000 miles.
I got 12000 out of the one on my CBR 600.
obviously nobody cares about your CBR 600, but I got 3600 out of the stock tire, hard riding and no was ok, looking for other options.
There are many differnet compounds in any given type of tire. Make sure you are getting the right compound for the riding you do. Always check you tire pressure. There is even a difference between the regular BTs and the ones that are stock on the Busa softer compound means better grip but shorter life You may not want a harder compound cause the Busa has alot of torque in a corner you need that extra grip. I used to by race take off tires and new race tires for my 1100 they even have different compound levels a really soft sticky tire would only last about 2000 miles with no burnouts. The stock Busa tier I am afraid is only good for about 3-3500 miles unless you really baby it
I ride to work every day on mine, rides with friends, canyons etc... And I get about 6000 to 7000 miles out of a tire.. I do not do burnouts, (anymore! Hehehehe) It makes a mess and it is expensive.. Although I will have to do one on the parade lap at laguna...
oh ok. My tire pressure is perfect. I have a little walmart air compresssor and a digital air guage. I run 40 in thr front, 38 rear. I guess it's just the "nature of the beast" LOL

Mike I wear out my tires anywhere between 3000-4000. Avon's seem to have a softer compound and tear up quick. Dunlop's and Bt's last alittle longer for me. i do not do burnouts or wheelie frequently. The Stick Bt's are different not only because of the compound and a reinforced side wall. In the mags or dealer I believe it is designated as 'Y' Man, I think you are just a beast.
yep its tire pressure.. I was getting about the same miles out of a tire. I started running the tire with the top pressure in it and it lasted longer, guess it ran cooler and I still had good traction with the tire.
I just put on new Metzler Sportec M1s and I'm keeping the psi at 42, excellent grip, now I just have to see how long they last. No wheelies or burnouts. We'll see.
I'm about to buy my third rear tire to one front. Just polished off a sportec-M1 with 2900 miles, the steel chords are showing. I don't do burnouts or wheelies but I tend to run 90 on the interstate and do fast take-offs. Sportecs were very sticky but don't last very long. I got 4300 miles out of stock BT-56. Going to try maxxi's next and see what happens.
Lower tire pressure lets the tire get warmer. This will get you better grip. I run 34 front and 34 rear and that is cold. I still get about 4000 out of the Pilot Sports.

I wouldn't recommend mixing brands of tires, front and back. Those tires are designed to work together. You may find it hard to get accurate feed back by mixing brands.

Marc "Howlin Mad"