Rear tire cost


I want to support my local bike shop and need a rear tire. Sounds like it's going to run me about $250.00 for the stock replacement tire?? I can bring it in and have it done while I wait. What do you think? I got about 5500 miles on it and I can run it about another 500 miles at best.
Is that the tire and mounting or 250.00 for just the tire... I got my last rear tire for about 180.00 + 50.00 to mount.
Sounds pretty steep to me.
My bud picked up a 190 BT010 for $200 can and it cost $25 to have it $250 US sounds too high.

$1 US = $1.55 Can
You do the math

I just picked up a pirelli Dragon EVO from for 138.00 ......... $145.00 to my door. Lowest that I had found was $180 and don't even ask what the dealer wanted. Goibg to pick it up this afternoon. I didn't ask the cost for mount and balance. $50 Captain????????? That hurt. Now I'm a little worried about the reamin I'm due for. It's amazing my local garage will mount and balance a car wheel of the car for $9.00 ..............Computer balance too.........I'm starting to get a Narcissus complex about dealers

check out my buddys place.

he is selling a full set of bt-10s for 270 bucks, thats front and rear. and the mount and balance is 45 or 50 bucks. I know its kinda high but he has some one else do it. But hell for 270 bucks for a set I think its kinda worth it.

OK I cant guarantee the price but I bought my exact replacement tire from my local shop for 136.00 plus tax etc I took the rim off for them he mounted and baanced for 20.00 they are friends of mine but I may be able to talk them into shipping out this stuff let me know it sounds like I got a real good deal I was happy with the compund and handling charecteristics of the stock tire thats why I went with the exact same thing again email me if you want me to find out :usa:
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Eh... Why?

I write these things for a reason, you know. Plenty of other shops around that will do it for around $12 if you don't want to do it yourself and the dealer won't change a 'take-in'.

I know all about rear tire replacement, as I had to replace mine after owning the bike for only THREE DAYS.

For '02, Suzuki is mounting Bridgestone Battlax's. Mine cost me about 150, and another 30 for the mount. I took the wheel off in my garage and took it to them, since I couldn't ride the Busa there with the flat.
I talked to my Buddy at the local shop around here and the price on the BT56r that is OEM on the Busa is 136.00 unfortunatly you would have to pay shipping but he will ship he says he gets a pretty good discount for the amount of Bridgestones he sells I dont know if anyone found a better price but I can give you the website or email they dont do online stuff but you could call and make arangments if it is worth it