Racing cars


Anyone had to embarass a cager with a modded or hot car who stopped at a light and thought that he could take a Hayabusa? I love those stories!
I been riding bikes for 20 years and have several good stories about racing different cars and bikes, but the one that sticks in my mind as one of the coolest, was a couple of gentalman in a Grand National Buick, ended up next to me at a light, reved the motor and looked at me and pointed down the road.
Wife on back (who loves to go fast) leans forward and grabs me very tight, which was her way of silently giving me permission to unleash hell.
Needless to say it wasn't much of a challenge, but what made it exciting was driving by them on one wheel with two people through 1st,2nd, and part of 3rd gear, when the front tire finely touched the ground and left a nice puff of white smoke like a 747 landing on the tarmac, I started to giggle in my helmet like a 8 year old kid, thinking to myself......Now That Must Have looked Awesome,


 Being in SoCal, there's a lot of what my high school son calls "rice cookers".  Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, all lowered and raced out.  These guys don't race me.  A friend of mine who races his Honda at the track says they won't because they know they'll get blown away.  He said, 155hp and 500lbs vs. 275hp and 2800lbs do the math!  It's the yuppie in the Lexus that's seen too many commercials that usually gets taught a lesson.  The Honda S2000 is getting popular too.  I had one come up close behind me at a light, revving, pushing me to race so when the light turned green, I took off slow so he would come up next to me to get a good look at what was going to smoke him and left him like he was standing still.  At the next light he wanted to go again!  So we reviewed the lesson once more and he backed off.
Today (Sunday) on the way to my office:

I was on the expressway when a new Ball bearing black viber pulled up to me. he rolled down his window looked and then slammed it down. I hit the trottle and at about 160 seen him in my mirror before I backed off.
remeber the post about racing a porshe well i think im gonna raise the bullshit flag on that one.......because on my way from home....las vegas on the 215 a dude in a porshe a new one......bear with me saw it cruise by it had a single exaust can in the middle it was black and a bad ass dirty blond in the passenger seat i could resist i pulled up next to him and was checkin his girl out then he floored has no sack.......sorry the post before about the neck to neck is bull at least to my impreesion because i smoked the poor guy but at least he didnt take it hard i slowed down around 130 and he caught up and gave me a high 5 i got on the 15 and so did he we rode side by side till i got sick of the traffic and rode between lanes and headed far no car ive seem or raced has gave me a this day i cant belive a 10,000 machine destroys 60,000 dollar plus machines.......its amazing...
If you want a good article, read the one in last months motor cyclist, car vs. bike. Then read theis months letters, the first one is by a guy claiming the article is bs, then just humiliated. good read.

I have rarely seen a car beat a motorcycle, and its usually because of rider error.

BTW: there is a funny video of a snowmobile racing a trans am. The this snowmobile would beat a busa, its had a quarter mile time of 9.8
i duno what kinda rice burner u see that has 275 hp LMAO

honda s2000's wouldnt be much of a challenge even if they are popular. last i heard they didnt even have any aftermarket stuff out for them yet except for an intake tube lol. woo 2 hp ;-)
but hey mid 14's can almost catcha busa (at least they think so!)

there is a blue 69 nova here in indy that is street driven. its freakin ungodly fast. its tubed, caged, 400 shot, and a brodix headed 427 full roller. and to top it off a pretty dominator lol.

i watched him leave for the stop light with no intentions of racing. and then here come 2 busa's pullin up. i about wet myself cuz i knew what would happen.
it was about 1:30 am south of the city and no traffic that late, so he warmed up his slicks, after tellin them to just hang in the cloud for a minute

then they waited for the green light and the nova took em both

it was maybe one of the coolest things i've ever seen!

the nova said he was runnin 9.10's in the 1/4
god i wish i could take a ride in that car

thats the ONLY time i've seen a busa get beat by anythin other than another busa lol

I wish someone would race me

I always pull up to modded SS's or T/As and they look over and then just CRAWL from a light.

As a modified corvette owner, I hate saying this, but watch out for Supras. Most are not that fast, but they are rock solid, and there are a few 600+ hp Supras out there. I've seen more than one video of a busa getting pulled by a Supra. Vettes start out faster than the Supras, but aren't as easy to make go fast.

I was parked next to a brand new Porsche Turbo at Hooters last night and wanted to race bad, but the guy was no where around.
Here in Maine we dont have any quarter mile drags just 8th mile and I havent takin my busa for a ride down it yet my GSXR1100 modified would run a 6.6 my friend has an 1100 and my busa smokes his bad BUT he also (and I hate fords) has a mustang with a custom made 4 bolt block stroked to 347 CID with edelbrock heads intake and a supercharger and intercooler etc all the goodies he plugs in a laptop to set temp and humidity so it will run right they guarantee 650 Hp at the rear wheels from there dyno they give you the sheet when you get the supercharger setup along with the pulleys to get 750 HP he ran last year with 450 HP 7.6 and he seems to think he will take my busa in the 8th mile with the supercharger I may have to get a turbo LOL

You are right the Supras can be nasty with mods on them. they are getting very expensive
To the guy that raced the Porsche with the exhaust in the middle, Its a boxter, only really half a Porsche

In any case, the Porsche is no match for the BUSA, you have to spend many a house load of money to get any Porsche even close to the performance of the busa.

Bul hell, a 400 shot of NOS will go along way.
maybe a rolling start next time with the nova, from say 60 or 100km/h


anyone else see the 500HP busa on the cover of Motorcyclist a couple of months ago pretty sweet ride I dont care for the plastic changes but it was cool
Try racing me or my dad we both have hot rods but i'm getting a busa. HE has a 57 chevy belair with a 540 big block stocked at 1100 horses my 72 roadrunner runs 984hp on a 436 hemi stocked up but i'm converting because i'm getting a busa yeahhh it's the only bike i seen and liked i also like the speed
if u get that 1100 hp moving a car (if by some act of god u get traction lol) it wont be quite so forgiving either lol

and about racing the nova from 60 up, no way its got so much money in the suspension it looks bad ass popin the wheels and pulling on the busa, then slamming down

whoa, goosebumps again
thanks guys i know it's diferent travlin at 200mph on 4 whells and 2 wheels lucky i've had experience with bikes