Prototype Bike


I saw this bike a few months ago on ebay for sale. I was wodering if anybody knew anything about it. The ad said it was a Suzuki prototype in Japan that has the Hayabusa motor and is turbo charged. Just wanted to know a little bit more about it. Thanks.

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I saw this bike in Chicago, they were paying suzuki owners in the area 75 bucks to look at two new bike, that one and a cruiser. They didnt give any specs, just an opinion on how the bike looks. Most of the guages were built into the gas tank, but I just didnt like the look of the front headlight or the handle bars. Also though there was too much clearence between the tail and the tire.
there was an article in motor cyclist last year on it . you should be able to find the picture on the cover . 2001 or 2002.